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Equipment _____________________

Microscope Systems

State-of-the-art DARKFIELD and PHASE CONTRAST microscopes and technology for medical, biological, scientific, education and research applications. Fertility, hematology, forensics, cell counting, live blood analysis, motility and nano-biologic studies.

Biological Terrain Education Station

FLOW SYSTEMS AUDITING - Merging the scientific principles of Claude Vincent, Carey Reams, Emanuel Revici, George Watson, Thomas Riddick and others into a powerful health feedback methodology. It encompasses the most that water and soil science has to offer in understanding applied physiology and biochemistry.

Training ______________________________________

The Biomedx training workshops are wholly unique; content that you will not find anywhere else and a relentless pursuit by the instructors to present an exhilarating  hands on experience. Plus you get the highest quality pre and post-workshop material that is second to none.   

We currently have 2 primary tracks, the Microscope and Flow Systems Auditing workshops. These are core training programs for anyone desiring to learn how science and logic can be masterfully applied in the field of health.

Biomedx Educational Workshops


The most exciting whole food green drink that has ever been produced. Over 5000 ORAC value in every serving, with immune boosting and anti-aging pH power in every scoop.  No pond water after taste. Doesn't taste like dirt. Just incredibly good. Available to families, health care clinics, coops and food stores at wholesale pricing.

Blood Typing

There is a genetic connection between the food you eat, your blood type, the look of your blood under the microscope, and your state of health. Food can be medicine or it can be like poison. Blood typing can give indications to food compatibility and related health issues.

Education Corner ______________________________

Open minds, open doors. The practitioner that fails to keep an open mind and fails to keep learning, ultimately fails his patient. The more we know, the more we know that we don't know.

How You Rot & Rust

One of the most important educational areas in health care is to understand the basis of biological terrain and the causes behind the rotting and rusting mechanisms in the body (the aging and disease process). To that end we share some material from our microscope pre-training program located in the microscope section, but you can also access it right here.


The flow of life moves with the flow of electrons. The "body electric" is an electrostatic wonder and zeta potential is a core principle that lies behind the flow of all life. Part of our Rot & Rust discourse, this principle is so crucial to understanding the "life in the blood" that applying it in practice can reverse heart disease and so much more.

Urine Therapy

Yep, urine for a surprise. Unknown to many, urine can actually be utilized as the body's own medicine. Besides being anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral, it can be strongly homeopathic and isopathic in use.  It works on many levels, is completely free, unregulated by the FDA, and can be a very powerful tool for healing. Read all about it.

MammoTherm Technology

The top three causes of breast cancer are likely to shock you, especially when you learn mammograms are at the top of the list.  There are better and safer ways to scan for possible breast cancer. If you are a woman or a man who loves one, MammoTherm technology is something you should know about.

Ultrasound Bone Densitometry

Osteoporosis & fracture risk is of increasing concern as the population ages. Natural health care offers "no-harm" viable solutions. Now, smart practitioners can easily screen for risk and monitor clients in-house.

How To Corner ______________________________


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