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Begin here with the introduction to start learning the details of the Biomedx approach and tools for biological terrain assessment and analysis equipment that is simple, yet very powerful when used and sequenced properly.


Biomedx pioneered the simplification of what has been called biological terrain assessment (BTA) or quantitative fluid analysis (QFA) with a movement away from very expensive and oftentimes problematic equipment to using much simpler and less costly tools.

The key to the performance and success of this simpler approach rests with incorporating many more parameters than the traditional BTA/QFA obtains, and then sequencing those parameters into an attention hierarchy which tells a practitioner exactly what the most important elements are to any given case.

This takes any guess work out of diagnosis for there is no diagnosis that even occurs but instead one is left looking at the fundamental numbers that reflect electrical, chemical, colloid, water and fluid flow in the body.

It’s these dynamics which lie behind all manner of symptoms and conditions that when askew long enough, creates that which can be diagnosed for medical purpose, where today that purpose often pays little heed to what caused the diagnosis to exist in the first place.

Working with the BioTools as expressed here is putting the emphasis on health where it belongs and answers the questions people have about their health, which is essentially how to be healthy - because if they’re healthy they can’t be sick.

These tools measure and manage that process which we have taken to call Flow System Auditing. This along with other tools on this website encompass this process.

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