This section has out-takes from the Rot & Rust book that shed light on the work of Dr. T.C. McDaniel as he clinically applied Thomas Riddick’s work as discussed in the textbook “The Control of Colloid Stability Through Zeta Potential.”

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The Initial Common Pathway of Inflammation, Disease, and Sudden Death. Journal: Entropy, Robert M. Davidson and Stephanie Seneff. 2012


The science behind this paper explains why, after you bring your baby home after a doctor’s visit to get “shots”, your baby might have changed. At first crying like mad, later a bit distant, then over time showing autistic behavior. Or 2 days after your daughter gets the HPV vaccine she is dead. Or, why your dog after getting his shots has an altered personality and seems like another dog shortly after visiting the vet.  

Many vaccines have added substances called adjuvants. Aluminum is one. A vaccine is a colloidal suspension as is blood. Aluminum is a trivalent positively charged ion. Research shows that ¼ to over ½ gram of aluminum is in some pharmaceutical vaccines that is given to infants. After you understand the concept of colloids and zeta potential, you will understand the insanity being perpetrated under the guise of medicine.

Once certain medical procedures are practiced upon you or a loved one, they can’t be undone. Ergo, you might want to be informed with science instead of agenda if someone is ignorantly bullying on these issues.  

This paper and the related work needs to be understood not just by the scientists who know it, but by everyone in a health profession that continually chimes they are following science but are generally clueless sheep following directives of some purported authority - who often themselves are clueless, or worse, acting on agenda.   

This scientific paper may make more sense to you after you go through the above tour.

The Story of Zeta Potential

Remarkably, this information is absent within the mainstream academic world of health care education, including medical and nursing school.

In the early 1900’s, research into the colloidal properties of biological systems was important work. So much so, the brightest minds thought it would revolutionize medicine and health care. Unfortunately, it never did as its practical application to fundamental health issues was never brought into the classroom. Most doctors to this day haven’t a clue.

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Here you will learn that blood is a colloidal suspension under the control of zeta potential. This reality has profound implications for all of health care - pertinent to everything from controlling cardiovasular risk to understanding the scientific basis of the core inherent dangers of vaccines as manufactured today.

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